Concrete Repairs & Coatings

Concrete damage / defects is generally the result of steel reinforcement corrosion and is a worldwide problem.

The visible symptoms of concrete decay include:

  • Cracking
  • Spalling
  • Rusting of exposed reinforcement
  • Staining of Concrete surfaces

If these problems are left unattended the consequences could be more serious as structural failures could occur due to the loss of cross sectional area of the steel reinforcing bar.

Resitech are able to offer a complete service including diagnostic surveys and concrete testing accompanied by detailed technical proposals for remedial solutions to any problems that may be identified. Resitech work in conjunction with the industries leading specialist material manufacturers to identify the best available repair products for any given situation.

Resitech can visit your site to identify all defects and determine the best possible repair strategy taking into account both our clients technical and budgetary requirements.

Resitech are approved applicators of all leading material manufacturers repair products.