Bund Lining Systems

Bund lining is the terminology used to describe the process of applying a specified proven system in order to offer containment of effluent, chemical or fuel spillage generally at the point of storage.

Many of today’s industries have on site fuel or chemical storage facilities, and are generally protected by a brick / concrete bund, to contain any spillage or sudden leakage.

Whilst these were considered adequate at the construction stage, new legislation dictates that all bunds of this type must have the ability to offer total containment of any spillages.

Resitech are able to offer specifically designed systems to meet clients / environmental requirements in line with current legislation.

The images below show a typical brick built bund which was attached to a warehouse building. This particular tank contained Propanol. The bund had not been tied into the existing structure and the resultant joints had been filled with a Polysulphide material which had failed.

Resitech were able to stitch tie the bund back to the warehouse building to prevent further movement at these positions. The joints were then treated with a hypalon bandage (bottom image),and then a full lining system was applied consisting of a cementitious epoxy render, followed by two coats of a chemically resistant epoxy topcoat.

All sites are unique and each will hold different types of  chemicals, effluents and  fuel or oil type products. Lining systems can be produced enabling all types of products to be accommodated.

Case Study – Chemical Concrete Bund Repair – Nuclear Site

Applying Render
Bund Before
Bund After
Vert Before Vert After