Ground Engineering In Liverpool

The quality of a foundation is key to understanding what needs to be done to ensure a building can be built onto the location; after the flooring and structure has been put into place, these will need maintenance to ensure employees and passers by are safe on the grounds. With our ground engineering in Liverpool, we can take care of any cracks, leaks or other issues that may be hazardous to the people in the area.

We can provide a complete service when you choose our engineers at Resitech. From a diagnostic survey to concrete testing, we can make sure you are aware of any hazardous elements, and significantly reduce the risk that your grounds have. Whether there is a crack, staining or other negative development, we will work hard to ensure your grounds are successfully maintained.

Though it is sturdy, concrete is one material that can become defective for a range of different reasons. That is why we offer our concrete testing to find any problems and advise you on what the most suitable repair solution will be. These solutions can include slab replacement, road void grouting, waterstop injections and more. Don’t wait to choose Resitech for your ground engineering today.

To find out more about our ground engineering work, you can give us a call on 0151 546 8236. Alternatively, you can email us at