Filler Joist Restoration

Are you in need of filler joist restoration?

For many years council housing projects would use filler joists as part of their floor slab construction. These would be encased steel section beams within the concrete, containing clicker and brick aggregate.

Whilst this worked at the time, typically we can see corrosion of the steel beams that results in cracking. If you’re part of a project that requires these to be repaired, we can offer our expert help.

At Resitech Ltd we are able to offer a range of solutions depending on the needs of your project

As time goes by, there are more materials and solutions being designed to take care of these issues. For example, one method is to use very fine micro grounds, which contain corrosion inhibitors and gelling agents. These are designed to allow the beams to be fully encapsulated within the porous clinker concrete.

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If you would like to see us in action, you can view our handy video where we are performing micro grout injections for filler joist consolidation. We also have a case study on Leigh Court, which showcases our work.

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