Concrete Testing in Liverpool

Making sure the safety of a concrete structure is up to code not only ensures your colleagues can feel safe, but also spots early signs of faults that can potentially develop into further issues. To see whether your structure is a safety risk, choose our team at Resitech for professional concrete testing in Liverpool.

There are many visible signs of defective concrete; including cracks and spalling. However, if these signs are not obvious to the naked eye, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your concrete tested as there may be other warning signs within your building.

Our tests can be used to find out what the issue is and help us decide which course of action to take and improve the quality of your concrete. We have seen many concrete-based issues over the years and can use the latest techniques to repair your building’s structure. From cracks in structures and buildings to warehouse floor repairs, we can make sure the quality of your concrete is in line with safety standards.

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