Cement Grouting in Liverpool

Is the road outside of your business becoming a hazard for local road users? Perhaps the concrete flooring in your warehouse has sinking slabs that are risking the safety of your employees. With our cement grouting in Liverpool, our team at Resitech can make sure the concrete slabs are stabilised to avoid future problems.

With our cement grouting, you can avoid paying enhanced costs for alternative services such as demolition or reconstruction of the road or flooring. Not only is this a cost-effective process, but filling the void using this technique means that there is minimal wastage of existing materials.

Moreover, this method is advantageous because of its speed. By using rapid setting injection materials, slabs can be set back to a suitable state within hours of the process. This means that work surrounding your company can continue with minimal disruption; allowing you to avoid extended waiting times for repairs.

Working in conjunction with the top material manufacturers, Resitech will source the correct type, strength and grade of grout for any given situation whether it be general void filling of redundant services, or stabilising ground bearing for sunken slabs.

Don’t hesitate to have your slabs returned to a structurally sound state by choosing Resitech today.

To find out more about our cement grouting work, or if you would like some advice on the most suitable solution for your concrete, you can give us a call on 0151 546 8236. Alternatively, you can email us at info@resitech.co.uk.