Bund Lining North West

Trust in our team for bund lining in the North West 

Quite simply, bund lining is the term used to describe the process of applying a specified proven system to contain a chemical or fuel spillage. Whilst many sites that have on site fuel or chemical storage facilities already have protection, new laws state they must have the ability to offer total containment of any spillages.

If you’re looking for help with bund lining in the North West, we are here to help.

At Resitech Limited we can provide a bespoke service as we appreciate that each site will have their own unique requirements. We have the correct training, understanding and experience under our belt to provide solutions that fit in line with what the job requires.

To learn more about how we work, you can see our case study on chemical concrete bund repair on a nuclear site.

As well as bund lining, we also offer help with:

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